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Close Call

The other day a friend and I drove down the road. Suddenly he yelled, “Look at that!” He pointed to a dump truck coming towards us. I looked up and watched i seemingly slow motion as the overloaded truck lost a third of its cargo. Broken concrete from a demolished building filled the truck. They stacked it high and miscalculated. It shifted and we saw it go off and on the side of the road, the shoulder and the ditch.

One other thing of extreme importance matters to thee story. A worker road on top of the concrete. It is not exactly legal. It is ignored. Passengers and workers ride on the top of cargo trucks, bob tail trucks, dumptrucks, and sometimes tractor trailers.

I watched as the man went over the side of the truck. It happened as we passed. They tried to stop but had not yet done it or left the road.

If that man is not saved, he needs to realize God gave him another chance that day. Either way, I don’t know how it happened. He hit the ground rolled over a few times and ended up on his feet running away from the rest of the load. He did not even limp. I do not know how he lived. The 10’ fall ought to have hurt him. Add hitting the ground at 25 mph to a 10’ fall and how did he not break something? Now factor in 20-50 pound chunks of concrete all around him, also traveling at 25 mph. How did he survive?

We talked about God’s providence. Then turned to tragedy. He could have died. In my opinion, he should have died.

Tragedy happens. Please, no judgmental or hateful comments, but the fact is this: Sometimes life just sucks. Bad things happen.

Let me make it personal to you. Sometimes bad things happen to you. Someone reading this will know exactly what I mean. You know someone close to you who experienced tragedy and/or death this week. My wife is in the States as I type this visiting her parents because her aunt died.

Here is another thought.

Tragedy will hit you.

Death will knock on your door, only death doesn’t knock. He kicks the door down and takes you.

I said the man on the concrete should realize God gave him another day.

Today is the day God gave you. Just this one. No promises for tomorrow except this: One day you will die.

What do we do? Do we live in the fear of that day?

No. If you know Jesus death is not a destination it is a doorway. It is how we get to heaven.

We do not fear death.

We embrace life.

We live now.

Seize the day.

Today might be the last chance you ever have to tell your family, friend, co-worker or neighbor about Jesus. You know who I am talking about.

Today could be the last chance you have to speak life and love to others.

Make the most of every opportunity is how God said it.

Love Others.

Share Jesus.

Live with passion.

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