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Erratic Input.

Look at this photo from my the desk in my bedroom. In order, plugged into the wall is a $20 voltage regulator. It has a built in delay. If the power suddenly surges it switches off before my devices can be damaged.

Plugged into the voltage regulator is a combination adapter, going from the standard Ghanian plug to one of three choices, and also a GFI plug. It serves as a failsafe in case the regulator doesn’t catch the surge.

Leaving the GFI/Adapter you travel up to my desk. On the desk is a small converter. It takes the 230v input and changes it to a 110v output. This allows for devices running on 110 only to be plugged in. It also lets me plug in things like my computer, which can operate on 230, into a 110 just to make it run cooler and safer.

Also plugged into the converter is a wifi extender. It is from the States, so we triple redundant protected it with another GFI/Adapter.

This is just one plug. The same system is repeated throughout the apartment. I met with the foreman on our house and we are having it pre-wired with 230 and 110 plugs. I am purchasing a large stabilizer, actually more than one. I will also have multiple converters to take the 110v power to the designated outlets. I have a section designed in our smalll laundry room specifically for stabilizers, surge protectors and converters. A generator will be hardwired to the house as well, so when the power is out for more than thirty minutes, which happens several times a week, I can turn it on and power my home.

All of these items, this equipment, is to solve a problem. The stabilizers and surge protectors are there because the input isn’t controlled. They call it dirty power. Instead of 230, it might drop to 150 and then suddenly spike to 350. It bounces. The equipment is not for input. It is for output. The point of the input is the output. I have these items to control what comes out. I have to manage the input to my devices. I have to control the input to my computer. I do not want a surge of bad input to destroy my equipment. All of this is a means to an end. The goal is to power my home. I control the input in order to have good and controlled power.

This is one of the functions of both our personal walk with Christ and the role of the Holy Spirit. We are to control our input and stabilize it. Our self-discipline and spirit led restrictions protect our hearts and minds. We manage the input in order to have a Godly and quality output. The Holy Spirit warns us if we need. He is there to let us know through conviction and commendation, how input is effecting our lives. Consider how much of our thinking, attitudes, actions and responses to others are the result of unbalanced input. Look at social media and you can see indoctrination and brainwashing of unbalanced input. Consider what happens to your heart/mind as you watch/listen to your favorite opinion facilitator, otherwise known as news anchor or podcast. Most likely it is unbalanced input and generates negative responses towards ‘them’. We have decades of data proving violent gaming and movies influence us to violent responses. Confirmation bias constantly reinforces our mental dams which block out any other point of view. Our input is dirty. I don’t mean in the pornographic sense, but in the uncontrolled, unmanaged and unbalanced sense. We need to do to our hearts and minds what I do to my home in Ghana.

Control your input.


Because the point of input is output. What is your desired output? God says it is to love your neighbor as yourself. The goal of our instruction is love. Therefore fervently love the brethren. Love your enemy. Love never fails. Without love I am nothing. Speak the truth in love.

Is the input you allow to flow through your lives giving power to your love?

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