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In The Taxi

In The Taxi And Other Places

One thing I love to do is help people see we are surrounded with opportunities to show the love of Christ and share the story of the gospel. I taught a group of pastors this truth and then that afternoon I took a taxi to the store. It went great. The driver and I shared simple small talk with included his asking me why I was in Ghana, and then why I actually moved to Ghana. I told him my passion was to help people know God better and love them more and asked if I could some way encourage him on his spiritual journey. We talked about his past and his understanding of the gospel and I prayed for him. It was a wonderful time of God honoring conversation with someone whom God is seeking.

On the way home, it started off poorly. I left the store and there were three taxis in the parking lot. I paid 90 cents for my first taxi from the hotel to the store. I asked a driver how much and he wanted $1.35! He had the audacity to try and overcharge me by 45 cents. I knew the rates since this was not my first taxi. He would not come down.

I cannot express how much, or why, this bothered me. After all, I believe in the free market. I told him, rather rudely, I would take another cab. The problem I discovered was the other two cabs already had passengers. They were waiting for them. If I did not want the first person, I had to carry my four grocery bags to the street. It was over 150’ away. I then had to wait for a taxi to pass by in 104 degree sunshine. I went to the driver and told him I had no choice, I would pay the extra 45 cents.

It was uncomfortable in the taxi. This 45 cents cost me more than a dollar value. I rode in silence feeling robbed and he drove in silence angry at my attitude. Then the Holy Spirit convicted me. Was I going to let this paltry amount of money bring a bad testimony to Christ? My skin color pretty much pegged me as a missionary. 45 cents is going to destroy my testimony and ruin any chance of nudging him towards Christ? Really?

So, I apologized. I expressed sorrow over my disrespect and bad attitude. He perked up. It surprised him and he quickly forgave me. I asked about his life, home and family. I shared again my failure, especially since I am called to love others so they can see and know God’s love. He let me know he was a Christian, and which church he attended. We talked a little about Christ and I encouraged him to pursue God on a deeper level. We arrived and I paid him $2 for the journey.

How often do we let little things destroy our opportunity to love someone?

Isn’t true love seen when we refuse to let little things interfere with our relationships? The Bible says “Love covers a multitude of sins” and “It is to a man’s glory to overlook a fault” and “Love is not easily offended and keeps no record of being wronged”.

Does your political opinion prevent you from loving, or letting God love, your co-worker?

Does your personal take on some social issue drive a wedge between you and people Jesus died for?

Does your view on some secondary doctrine stop you from fellowshipping with another believer?

Here is the deal.

God calls us to love. Even in the taxi.

God calls us to share His love. Even in the taxi.

Wherever you find yourself, that is where God wants you to love and show His love to the other people He died for who are with you.

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